my name is Gabriella.
I am an Italian  designer

based in Paris.

You can find more details on my experience and stay updated on what I do through Linkedin 🤓 or (even better!) you can read my articles on my blog Ethic & Design or Medium 📝.

I am also a published author and illustrator for children books 📚: discover my Bubboncoli universe.

Feel free to say hi 👋 by email to gabriella.cinque.design (at) gmail.com

Photo credit: Carla E. Photographer

I love to observe, to explore, to learn, to share.

When I design services and experiences, I always care to tell meaningful stories and create environments inspired by life and arts.

I particularly care about ethics 🤝 and values ❤️️ in my life, in my projects and in the companies and teams I join.

I am currently exploring mostly circular 🌱 and systems 🧩 design, particularly for services, experiences and enterprises.  

I experienced extremely different projects and activities: body art, illustration, copywriting, print and web design, school teaching with adults or children, user research, street art, web marketing.

I started to work as a graphic designer and copywriter in Florence, Italy 🇮🇹 in 2006 for advertising and marketing agencies. There I graduated from both the University of Florence and the Nemo Academy of Arts, also attending parallel courses and workshops about cinema, comics, drawing and marketing. Then I moved back to Naples, my hometown, in 2008 and kept working in advertising and branding, while slowly moving towards web design and copywriting.

I moved to Paris 🇫🇷 in 2013. After a 8-months job at McDonald’s cleaning toilets and cooking hamburgers, I took my chance and started working as a designer again, in different design agencies or as a contractor.

Today, I live in Paris where I work as a designer at Orange Group, helping the company to make their services and experiences more circular and responsible.

As an art director and UX/UI designer I worked for clients of all types.

Among others:

[Nonprofits]  Unicef  /  Telefono azzurro  /  LAV  /  Siamo tutti Napoleone
[Luxury]  Sandro   /  Maje  /  L’Oréal Professionnel
[Retail]  Monoprix  /  La Redoute  / Auchan  / Leclerc [Telecommunication]  Sosh  /  Orange France  /  Orange Group /  SFR Business 
[Finance]  Kepler-Cheuvreux 
[Real Estate]  Logic-Immo 
[Music]  Awdio 
[Energy]  Direct Energie  / EDF
[Insurance]  Fluo
[Multiservice]  La Poste
[Bank]  Natixis / Crédit Agricole  /  S-Money  /  IT-CE

[France]  Napoléon Agency  /  Niji  /  Nexton  /  Bewoopi  / Weecan /  Ronin 161
[United Kingdom]  Foxy Data
[Italy]  SWP  /  Bluelabs  /  Emagraphic / King Marketing

Some events I attended recently

[Workshop] The Laptop
2021, Mar 10th + Mar 23rd
Co-hosting the workshop Design systémique et design circulaire https://www.lelaptop.com/evenement/atelier-design-systemique-design-circulaire/

[Workshop] Interaction 21
2021, Feb 3rd
Co-hosting the workshop Take a planet-centric approach with circular design toolkits / https://interaction21.ixda.org/program/workshop--sylvie-daumal,-gabriella-cinque

[Workshop] EuroIA
2020, Sep 22nd
Co-hosting the workshop Take a planet-centric approach with circular design toolkits /  https://euroia.eu

[Round table] Lille 2020 Design is Capital
2020, Sep 10th
Participating to the round table about Circular Economy as POC holder for Orange Experience Design Lab / https://www.designiscapital.com/en/program/maison-poc-circular-economy

[Exhibition] Lille 2020 Design is Capital
2020, Sep 9th to Nov 30th
How to design a circular digital service?
Co-designed at Orange with Anne Ripaud / http://www.maisonpoc-ecocirculaire.net/