Orange is one of the biggest multinational telecommunications company in the world.
For Orange France I worked on 37 classic projects, 10 agile projects and 35 short quick-win micro-projects.

As an Art Director I had to watch over consistency for all these different projects, always trying to deliver the best result in spite of many technical, budget and political difficulties, always hand-by-hand with the developpers.

I was also in charge of coaching the UI designers and assist the Creative Director in his tasks of planning the ressources, solving crisis, spreading the vision and grant deliveries.

I also collaborated to the Design System set up for Orange France and I realized many illustrations on all the projects and even for the user research studies made by the UX team, such as experience maps.

Here you have a very short abstract of several pages I designed: landing pages, responsive or adaptive multi-device flows, purchase tunnels, native applications and much more.

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