Sosh is a French mobile phone brand, developed by the giant of telecommunications Orange.
I worked as UI-UX Designer
and Art Director on the e-shop of the company on different projects and departments: mobile phones, data, home, TV, options.
I participated to agile projects as to classic V-cycle projects, from the category page to the product page and the whole purchase tunnel, confirmation emails included.
I had to watch over consistency and creativity in spite of many technical, budget and political difficulties, always hand-by-hand with the developers.
I was in charge of the first responsive POC of the e-shop, developed through Bootstrap framework.
I also realized many illustrations on all the projects and collaborated to the set up of the Design System.

In 2018, I co-created the new Digital Brand Guidelines that are going to be online this year and cannot show on this portfolio yet.

Here you have a very small selection of the huge amount of web pages, icons and illustrations I designed for Sosh.

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